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Electronic Show Division Guidelines and Entry Information for 2020

Electronic Show Competitions are still or video presentations of various length. These may be the work of one or more individuals, or may be a club project, but all persons involved must be members of a 4Cs’ Member club and all entries compete directly, head to head.  Annual competitions are held in the late summer/early fall with the entrants notified about the results after the judging and winners announced at the fall convention.

Electronic Show Competition has two divisions: Still and Video presentations. Still presentations may include still images, graphics, and titles with music and narration but no video clips. Still Division entries with video clips will be disqualified. A video presentation is primarily video but may include still images, graphics, and titles with music and narration. The majority of stills and video must be the makers own works. However, some photos or artwork maybe used that are not necessarily the makers original work.  For example, photos of historic persons or places, photos of the earth from space, historic photos of buildings, or maps, etc. that help tell the story are permitted but should make-up a small portion of the show.  Any images not in the public domain require written use permission.

Maker must have use-rights to all music and sound effects allowing it to be played on streaming websites.

Only MP4 file formats will be accepted for both Still and Video entires. Individuals or groups may enter only two programs in total.

Still Competition Categories:

Entertainment Category

Short: 2 - 5 min

Long: 5 - 10 min

Education/Travel Category

Short: 3 - 7 min

Long: 7 -14 min

Video is an Open Category Competition:

Short: 2 - 5 min

Medium: 5 -10 min


  1. Entries can be by one person or as a collaborative entry with several makers.
  2. Only MP4 file formats will be accepted.
  3. All images must be the program maker’s own images except as noted above.
  4. Shows in the Still Program Division may include music and narration.
  5. Using video clips in the Still Division disqualifies that entry.
  6. Shows in the Video Program Division may incorporate video clips and still images as well as music and narration.
  7. Maker must have use rights to all music and sound effects used.
  8. A completed entry form must accompany each entry.
  9. If you submit your show on a USB thumb drive, write the title on a piece of masking tape or similar type labeling attached to the drive.
  10. Limit of two (2) entries per person and two (2) entries per group. Individuals may enter both as an individual and with a group.

Still and video programs will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Maximum of 100 points
  • PHOTOGRAPHIC MASTERY: 40 points (Impact, technical quality, composition, video camera work)
  • VISUAL PRODUCTION VALUES: 30 points (Story telling, continuity, organization, transitions, titles, graphics
  • AUDIO PRODUCTION VALUES: 15 points (Music, sound effects, volume, segues, narration)
  • ORIGINALITY: 15 points (Creativity, approach, subject matter)


  • Judges will select awards for each category and time length.


  • Winning shows will be shown at the year end convention.
  • All shows will be posted on Vimeo streaming website


4Cs or its volunteers are not responsible for failure of receipt, loss or damage of any shows entered into the competition. Keep a copy of your paper work and program.


The entrant must be the sole author(s) of the copyright with expressed rights granted for any material not created by the maker. By entering your show into the competition, you grant to 4Cs the right to use your show for promotions and/or posting on a video streaming website. The photographer will be credited whenever possible. The ownership of the show remains with the maker.

Entries are due September 1st, 2020.

Entries can be sent on a USB thumb-drive or through an online transfer service like WeTransfer.  If entering by USB thumb-drive, be sure it is labeled with your name and must arrive by the closing date. Whether entered on USB or transferred on line, your entry must include a completed entry form. When you are ready to make your entry, request an entry form from at

 Links to Sample MP4 Programs:

A Glimpse of Tibet Machine Shop Art Photos of Our Neibhbors Things I Saw In Jamaica Amazing Fruits and Vegetables Heart Break

A Glimpse of Tibet

Machine Shop Art

Photos of Our Neighbors
Things I Saw in Jamaica
Amazing Fruits and Vegetables
Heart Break